The high cost of housing in Northern Colorado forces many working families and individuals to make difficult choices between necessities such as providing food and securing adequate housing. We are here to help. Since 1971, Fort Collins Housing Authority has offered sustainable, long-term housing solutions, and we now serve over 2,100 families per year. Employing innovative programs and resident support systems, FCHA offers critical tools and resources that families need to maintain safe, affordable housing and economic opportunity. We are a progressive housing provider and developer, offering permanent solutions that move people out of homelessness, stabilize families, and partner with community agencies to help improve lives.

------- NOTICE -------
FCHA announces the waiting list opening for disabled and homeless at the new Redtail Ponds. Click here for details

FCHA is performing the annual Waiting List Purge. Look for the bright postcard in the mail.
Click here for a sample.
Deadline to return is
Thursday, 10/30 by 5pm