Redtail Ponds Development

To achieve the next major goal of the Homeward 2020 Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness, FCHA and partners will develop Northern Colorado’s first Permanent Supportive Housing program using best practice models proven effective throughout the country. Permanent supportive housing is an innovative and proven solution to some of communities' toughest problems. It combines affordable housing with services that help people who face the most complex challenges to live with stability, autonomy and dignity.

The FCHA Redtail Ponds development will be a mixed-income community with 40 units for formerly homeless individuals and 20 units for individuals earning up to 50% of the Area Median Income. Each independent apartment will feature a full kitchen and bathroom. Supportive services will include case management, lifestyle coaching, and/or therapeutic services and will empower and equip residents with the skills needed to live with greater self-determination and independence.


Novogradac Highlights Redtail Ponds

Redtail Ponds Permanent Supportive Housing development was published in the September edition of Novogradac. See the article here.

Construction Update!

Crews pouring the concrete foundation

Redtail Ponds now has a slab, sidewalks, and a driveway. It is time to go vertical. Watch for exciting progress as the building begins to take shape over the summer.

Redtail Ponds Driveway

Final Good Neighbor Statement of Operations

Using input gathered at previous public meetings, an Advisory Committee made up of citizens from surrounding neighborhoods and Fort Collins Housing Authority (FCHA) staff developed the Good Neighbor Statement of Operations (GNSO).

View the final draft approved by the FCHA Board of Commissioners.

The purpose of the GNSO is to:

  • Engage the community in the ongoing development and operation of Redtail Ponds;
  • Communicate with the community about the management and problem resolution systems for the building;
  • Inform the community about the supportive housing program objectives to provide residents with permanent, affordable housing and case management support; Promote systems that create a healthy and sustainable community; and
  • Create a management framework that is fully responsive and accountable to the community, so that Redtail Ponds will be a good neighbor and an asset to the South Fort Collins neighborhood.

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Next Steps

Early 2015: Begin Leasing


Interested in FCHA's Commitment to being a good neighbor? Visit our Neighborhood Relations Page.

Permanent Supportive Housing programs across the country have shown that this approach is both cost effective and highly successful at keeping people off the streets.

Link to: A Compilation of Supportive Housing Research

Permanent Supportive Housing helps people facing the most complex challenges to live with stability, autonomy and dignity.